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Poker ruled as a game of skill by a New York Judge

In America, online poker legalization advocates received yesterday a bonus after it was ruled by a NY judge that poker is not a game of chance but of skill.

Jack Weinstein, the United States District Court judge for the New York’s eastern district has dismissed a criminal federal indictment against a man accused of contravening the Illegal Gambling Business Act while operating a poker club.

“Neither the legislative history of IGBA nor its text prove that the statute has been designed by the congress for covering all the gambling offenses of the state”, wrote in a ruling of 120 pages the judge and added, “The definition of gambling also doesn’t include games like poker, which mainly require skill.”

A professor’s testimony has been heard by Weinstein. He was able to analyze a vast number of poker hands in order to prove that poker isn’t a game of chance but of skill.

“While the actions of players are influenced by events of chance, the decisions they make are based on skills.”, said Weinstein. “For example, through bluffing, the power of chance can be overcome by players and a hand can be won despite the possession of inferior cards.”

Poker Players Alliance member John Pappas backed up the decision, stating, “For the game of poker, the federal court ruling of today is a major victory and also for those of the Americans who enjoy playing it. The wise decision of judge Weinstein recognized our consistent arguing for years: poker is a game of skill and not a crime. The opinion of the judge point out that as an American pastime, poker is embedded deeply into the nation’s history and the decisions he has made set aside the vague laws trying to incriminated the game.