In UK mobile betting William Hill is on the top

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In the UK mobile sports betting there is still plenty of room for improvement

A recently conducted study by Onavo, the independent UK research company, has generated some data of particular interest on the mobile gambling market in the UK, The Guardian newspaper reports. The data, however, appears to rely on the iOS platform, which leaves room for improvement.

As the numbers indicate, the William Hill betting group is the one most used by active mobile punters in the UK who use iPhone, with as much as 4.3 per cent of them using at least one application for sports betting.

Of all iPhone gamblers 38 per cent prefer the application of William Hill. The offering of Paddy Power is next in line at 32 per cent, and the product of bet365 places third with 24 per cent.

Guy Rosen, the chief executive of Onavo, comments the assessment, stating that several applications may be used by punters.

A lot of overlap exists: several of these applications are used by people instead of them sticking with just one, he informed the newspaper.

If you take a look at the bet365 users, as much as 17 per cent of them are using also Betfred and an additional 10 per cent also use Paddy Power. If you take a look at William Hill, ten per cent of them also use bet365. Between these two there is also a lot of interplay.

As Rosen states, his company conducted data analysis on the use of its Extend and Onavo Count applications, which allow people to monitor the use of their data.

The analysis discovered that in the UK the most engaging application for sports betting is bet365. People are using it 5.6 days every month on an average, compared to the Paddy Powers 3.3 days and William Hills 4.1 days.

As reported by The Guardian, at the start of the year comScore discovered that there were as many as 8.65 active users of iPhone in the UK. If the figure has remained constant, based on the 4.3 per cent figure of Onavo, it would indicate that some 372,000 UK citizens are regularly using applications for sports betting on their iPhones.

The mobile gambling market in the UK is one of the worlds most established, and it is the belief of Rosen that its progress is being monitored by other nations to inform better their own field efforts, especially in the United Stated, where the political and legal obstacles could be lifted at any time.

The Insights service of Onavo has been created with the aim the help brands and developers which applications are being used actively on Android and iOS, rather than being only downloaded.

It is all being done with the active users in mind, says Rosen. That is the foremost thing that matters the most. Now the industry has discovered that it is not the downloads that matter. They are a metric of a vanity nature which could be manipulated. What matters the most is what applications are truly being used by many people.

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