Main Screen Rules of Slot Machines

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Hundreds of thousands online gamblers enjoy slot machines at various casinos, though only a few make an effort to learn the rules of slot gambling. Of course, playing a particular slot game is pointless unless one knows how to win a specific separate screen bonus game. Bonus games vary immensely, being as simple as giving a random amount of coins several times depending on an almost meaningless choice among several options or as complicated as giving a specific multiplier to a modified bet in case a player complies with all the requirements. The same stands true for the free spins bonus rounds that have recently seen a number of innovations in the games of different developers. That is why all the players usually read the rules of bonus games awards to increase their chances of victory, while totally skipping the rules of regular spins payouts. The gist here is that not all the slots award their winnings in the same way, so some of them can be much more rewarding if one knows the rules and is able to discern a high paying slot from a worse one irrespectively of all the bonuses.

The most common slot machines feature 5 reels and a number of paylines that can be as high as several hundred in the more advanced creations, though the majority of slots have from 15 to 25 of them. In almost any slot game a player gets to choose, how many paylines he or she wants to activate. The more active paylines are chosen, the more coins every spin will take, so the choice is rather important, because one never knows which payline will grant a winning during the next spin. That is why it is usually a good idea to activate all of them and if the amount to be wagered seems too high, one may always choose to lower the denomination value of coins. Regular payouts are usually granted when at least 3 symbols of the same kind appear consecutively at an active payline. The word itself makes some inexperienced players think that winnings are only generated if the symbols are on a horizontal line, while in most of the slots some paylines bend diagonally. Besides that, the rules of winning are usually specified for a particular slot machine, while different software developers tend to stick to the same basic technologies so that their loyal players don’t get frustrated. As an example, all the slots of Vegas Technology grant their regular symbol payouts from left to right. It means that a basic 3-symbol payout is granted only if three symbols of the same kind are aligned on an active payline from reels 1 to 3. Other game developers can apply right to left rule or grant a payout irrespectively of the position of a winning combination on a specific payline, which means more opportunities of winning.

The other important thing to remember while playing slots is that only the highest combination of symbols is paid for from each payline, so if you get 5 symbols in a row, you will not be additionally paid for the combinations of 3 and 4 symbols that are included in this row. At the same time, if a symbol is used for several combinations on different paylines, all of them are good for winning. You should also know that if a rules screen specifies an amount granted for a certain combination, this amount represents the number of credits, which is later multiplied by the value of a player’s bet on the payline where this combination appears. Say, 3 symbols of a kind grant 100 credits. If you wager 10 coins on every payline with coin denomination of $0.5, you will get 100 * $5 = $50 for that specific payline. If the slot you are playing has 20 paylines and you choose to activate all of them with the same 10 coins per line and denomination of $0.5, every spin would cost you 20 * 10 * $0.5 = $100, so the above mentioned winning is twice less than what you have wagered for the spin. If it looks too difficult, you have to understand that the more complicated are the rules, the more money an online casino can make.