The late support from the Republicans

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“Excuse my bad attitude, but what would the hell I put it on?”

A sign of infuriation showed Harry Reid, the Nevada Senator and Reid-Kyl online poker federal legalisation bill co-author, during a Monday briefing by Capitol Hill press on fiscal cliff issues when he was asked about his poker measure’s lack of progress as the current Congress session comes to an end.

Reid was told by a reporter that Republican Senator Jon Kyl, his co-author on the bill, and Dean Heller, the fellow Republican Senator, had bragged that they already have the necessary Republican Congressional support for allowing the bill to get through.

The readers of InfoPowa may recall that not long ago there were unpleasant exchanges between Heller and Reid regarding the former’s failure to bring on board the Republicans for supporting the Reid-Kyl bill.

The news irritated and surprised Reid, who said: “Everybody should listen to this. On Internet poker we suddenly have Republican votes. It is just a couple of weeks before Christmas. Excuse my bad attitude, but what would the hell I put it on?”

The Kyl and Heller boasting has been clarified by the Roll Call publication. It reported that the duo felt like there would be enough Republican votes to deal with likely to emerge hurdles during procedures that might be faced by the online poker proposal in the Senate.

Kyl however, made an announcement, noting that a problem still remains and asked: “How could you hope to introduce a bill like this one ever? If the Senate ever considers it and it is offered in a way which looks appropriate, which means it should not be part of a bill that nobody is likely to vote for, then in my view Republican votes on the matter should not be questioned.

“Poker cannot be put on the bill of FISA, neither you can put it on the cliff bill, whatever that may mean. On how it all comes up, a lot of that will depend.”

Kyll also warned about the possible attempt by Reid to attach the bill to a “Christmas tree” measure which could include all types of irrelevant legislation that is unlikely to pass on its own.